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   Una Torre de Fe Localizada en la Esquina de Ditmars Boulevard y 29 Calle, Astoria

   Noticias y Eventos 


No habrá clases de CCD y Our Lady's Preschool  - febrero 17 y 24
CCD y Our Lady's Preschool tendrán clases el domingo 3 de marzo

Knights of Columbus Call for 9 Day Novena of Prayer Starting February 20 Re: Abuse Crisis Meeting at Vatican

A Letter From Our 2019 World Youth Day Pilgrims

Oficina de la Rectoría Cerrada

Tenga en cuenta que la Oficina de la Rectoría estará cerrada el lunes 15 de febrero en conmemoración del Día del Presidente. Además la Iglesia se cerrará después de la misa de las 12:00 PM. No habrá Novena a las 5:00 PM.

Let Your Lawmakers Know How You Feel about Abortion Expansion

Gov. Cuomo singed the New York State Reproductive Healthcare Act into law on Jan. 22nd, the anniversary of Roe. V. Wade. Many of us contacted him and our State Senator and our Representative in the House to ask them to vote "NO" on RHA.  Sadly, RHA is now law in New York State.

Every abortion takes a life and every abortion harms a woman. But this extreme law legalizes abortion for the entire nine months of pregnancy and even removes protection for the baby born in a failed abortion. It authorizes non-doctors to perform abortions, and even removes criminal charges for violence against pregnant women. This is a dark time for the unborn, for mothers, for families and for all of us. It is hard to understand why lawmakers chose to legalize late term abortions –even infanticide - when science has proven the humanity of the unborn child. This is your chance to speak up and tell these lawmakers what you think. Here’s how to  Let Your Lawmakers Know How You Feel about Abortion Expansion.

The New York State Catholic Conference website makes it very easy to Let Your Lawmakers Know How You Feel about Abortion Expansion. Use this link to send a message that expresses grave disappointment to those who represent you and who voted for this law.

This is your chance to tell these lawmakers what you think.

Supporting Our Parish Through Memorials

There are four categories of “Memorials” that can be taken for each week: The Gifts of Bread & Wine, the Altar Candles, and the two Sanctuary Lamps. In addition to being a financial support for our Parish, memorializing one or more of these necessities for our Church and Liturgy is a great way to remember a deceased loved-one, to pray for the intentions of various family members, and to celebrate devotions to the Saints and our Blessed Mother.

For those who may not know, each of these items plays an important role for our Church: The Gifts of Bread & Wine represent, as members of the parish community, our offering to God for the Priest to consecrate during the Mass; The Altar Candles signify the Light of Christ present during all the Liturgies celebrated in the Church, which illuminates the Altar in Its splendor; and The Sanctuary Lamps, whenever burning, visually remind us of Our Lord’s presence in the Tabernacle, not just in Spirit, but in his Real Presence: His Body & Blood, Soul & Divinity in the Most Blessed Sacrament. In addition, special Flowers at the Altar are also available for memorialization for certain weekends.

The cost of each memorial is as follows:

Bread & Wine — $25 ~ Altar Candles — $25 ~ Sanctuary Lamp — $15 each ~ Flowers at the Altar — $75

For more information, please contact the Rectory at 718-728-1613. Thank you for your support of our parish!

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