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   A Tower of Faith located on the corner of Ditmars Blvd. & 29 Street

  Stewardship  | Worship

A.1. Altar Servers
Our Altar Server ministry provides an opportunity for boys and girls Grade 5 and above to serve at the table of the Lord while receiving continuing religious education in Catholic school or CCD. 

A.2. Cursillos de Cristiandad
This is a very special retreat which is held annually and spans three days.  Members of the retreat form special relationships supporting each other and maintaining their focus on living a Christian life.

A.3. Filipino Apostolate Ministry
The Filipino Community celebrates Mass every second Saturday in Tagalog.

A.4. God the Father Childrens Apostolate
The Apostolate meets every fourth Thursday of the month with a Healing Mass and Novena to God the Father. Being open to everyone, the mission is to make Our Father known, loved, and honored by all.

A.5. Grupo de Oracin Carismtico Amor y F
This Charismatic group meets every Thursday evening dedicating itself to praying and singing in a free, energetic way.  Although Spanish influenced, you do not have to be Spanish to join and enjoy the rhythm and the music that gives praise to God.

A.6. Grupo Mariano Hispano
This Spanish group promotes Marian devotion by reciting the Rosary every Friday.

A.7. Immaculate Conception Prayer Group (English)
This Prayer Group gathers for a meeting every Thursday evening to pray the Rosary, worship, and reflect on the Word of God. A prayer meeting is also held every first Saturday of the month.

A.8. Italian Ministry
Every Sunday the parish offers Mass in Italian.  The Italian community hosts dinner dances and other activities throughout the year.

A.9. Liturgical Environment Ministry
This ministry works to make our Church festive during high holy days. (e.g. Christmas and Easter) Help is needed throughout the year to enhance the environment of the Church in an appropriate way. Artistic and creative ideas are used to transform the Altar and Church for the celebrations through decoration. 

A.10. Ministry of Music: Adult Choir
Praising God through song is essential at the Liturgy. The Choir sings at Sunday Mass (10:30 a.m.) and has one rehearsal per week on Thursday evenings.  

A.11. Ministry of Music: Childrens Choir
At the family Mass on Sundays (9:00 a.m.) a younger style of liturgical music is sung once a month by students Grades 3 and up in the CCD Program and Academy.  The choir rehearses once a week on Sunday.

A.12. Ministry of Music: Contemporary Ensemble
The Ensemble through more contemporary songs, sing and play at Mass on Sundays (1:30 p.m.) in a folk style. The Contemporary Ensemble rehearses every week on Sunday.

A.13.  Ministry of Music: Filipino Choir
This choir sings in Tagalog at the monthly Filipino Apostolate Mass on the second Saturday of each month. 

A.14. Ministry of Music: Spanish Choir
This choir sings in Spanish every week at Sunday Mass (12:00 p.m.). The Spanish Choir rehearses every week on Sunday. 

A.15. Our Lady of Guadalupe Committee
This group honors our Blessed Mother by planning a yearly celebration on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  

A.16. Rosary Society
This womens organization seeks to develop the spiritual life of its members through Marian devotion as well as opportunities for Christian action.  They meet on the first Sunday of the month to recite the Rosary before attending Sunday Mass together.  Following the Mass is the monthly meeting. There are also two days of reflection per year on a Saturday in October and March.  

A.17. Ushers English/Spanish
These men and women welcome parishioners to our liturgical celebrations. By their patient and friendly bearing they help maintain a reverence in Church at all times, as well as take up the collection on Sundays and major celebrations. 


























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