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   A Tower of Faith located on the corner of Ditmars Blvd. & 29 Street

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A.1.   Altar Servers

A.10. Liturgical Environment Ministry

A.2.   Grupo de Oracin Carismtico Amor y F 

A.11. Ministry of Music: Adult Choir

A.3.   Cursillos de Cristiandad

A.12. Ministry of Music: Childrens Choir

A.4.   English Prayer Group

A.13. Ministry of Music: Contemporary Ensemble

A.5.   Filipino Apostolate Ministry

A.14. Ministry of Music: Filipino Choir

A.6.   God the Father Childrens Apostolate

A.15. Ministry of Music: Spanish Choir

A.7.   Grupo Mariano Hispano

A.16. Our Lady of Guadalupe

A.8.   Holy Name Society

A.17. Rosary Society

A.9.   Italian Ministry

A.18. Ushers English/Spanish









B.1.   Aides/Volunteers for Religious Ed. & Our Ladys Preschool

B.6.   Jornada Group / Jornadistas

B.2.   Faith Formation Committee - English/Spanish

B.7.   Our Ladys Preschool - Children

B.3.   Flannery OConnor Book Club

B.8.   Religious Education Program (a/k/a CCD)

B.4.   Immaculate Conception School

B.9.   Rite of Christian Initiation - Adults - Spanish/English

B.5.   Immaculate Conception Alumni Assn.

B.10. Rite of Christian Initiation - Teen





C.1.   Catholic War Veterans

C.7.   Happy Seniors of Northwest Queens

C.2.   Columbian Squires

C.8.   Immaculate Conception Urban Professionals

C.3.   CYO Basketball

C.9.   Knights of Columbus

C.4.   CYO Cheerleading

C.10. Parents of Children With Disabilities

C.5.   CYO Track

C.11. Youth Ministry

C.6.   CYO Volleyball

C.12. Young Catholic Families





D.1.   Bethany Consolation Ministry

D.6.   St. Matthew Fundraising Committee

D.2.   Dorothy Day Social Action Group

D.7.   St. Paul Media Group

D.3.   St. Andrew Vocation Committee

D.8.   St. Vincent de Paul Society

D.4.   St. Cecilia Consortium

D.9.   Shelter for the Homeless

D.5.   St. Gianna Molla Respect Life Committee



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