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   A Tower of Faith located on the corner of Ditmars Blvd. & 29 Street

  Devotions  Stations of the Cross


Stations of the Cross (WYC) © Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the B.V.M. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Public Domain Images: Saint-Jean-Baptiste au Beguinage, Brussels (Wikimedia Commons)

Preparatory Prayer

O Jesus, my adorable Savior, I seek Your forgiveness and mercy for myself and for my loved ones, for those hardened by sin, and all the faithful departed.  Wash away my sins and those of the whole world through the infinite merits of Your Passion. Give me the grace to enter more deeply into the mystery of Your Cross, so that sharing in Your suffering and death, I may experience a deep sorrow for my sins and be ready to embrace willingly, even with joy, all the sufferings and humiliation of this life and pilgrimage.

Station I

Stations of the Cross -  l

Jesus is Condemned to Death
Meditation: Recall how Jesus was scourged and crowned with thorns, and how He was then unjustly condemned by Pilate to die on the Cross.

Prayer: Adorable Jesus, it was not Pilate; it was my owns sins that condemned You to death.  I pray You, by the merits of Your sorrowful journey to Calvary, to assist my soul on its journey to eternity.

Station II

Stations of the Cross -  ll

Jesus Accepts His Cross
Meditation: Recall how the heavy Cross was laid upon Jesus bruised shoulders. He accepts it meekly, even joyously, because by that Cross He wills to redeem the world.

Prayer: O Jesus, by the merit of Your Cross, grant me the grace to accept meekly and cheerfully the difficulties in my life, that, by so doing, I may always be ready to take up my cross and follow You.

Station III

Stations of the Cross -  lll

Jesus Falls for the First Time
Meditation: Laboring under the weight of the Cross, Jesus slowly sets forth on the way to Calvary.  His Agony in the garden has exhausted His Body; He is sore with blows and wounds; His strength fails Him; He falls to the ground under the Cross.

Prayer: It was for my sins, my Jesus, that You bore the heavy burden of Your Cross and fell under its weight.  Let my remembrance of these sufferings make me careful, lest I fall into mortal sin.

Station IV

Stations of the Cross - lV

Jesus Meets His Afflicted Mother
Meditation: Recall the meeting between Son and Mother on the way to Calvary.  How oppressive that experience must have been for both of them!  What a sword of anguish must have pierced Marys maternal heart!

Prayer: My Jesus, by the compassion which You felt for Your Mother, have compassion on me, and permit me to share in her intercession with You. O Mary, afflicted Mother, intercede for me with your Son, that by His sufferings I may be saved from the wrath which is to come.

Station VStations of the Cross -  V

Simon of Cyrene Helps Jesus Carry the Cross
Meditation: Recall how, as Jesus strength continued to fail, He became unable to go on; and how the soldiers then seized Simon of Cyrene and forced him to help Jesus carry His Cross.

Prayer: O Lord Jesus, let me also bear Your Cross; let me glory in nothing else.  Let the temptations of this world be crucified to me, and I to them. Let me not shrink from suffering;  let me rather rejoice to be counted worthy of suffering for Your Names sake.

Station VIStations of the Cross -  Vl

Veronica Offers Her Veil to Jesus
Meditation: Recall how Veronica, seeing Jesus so afflicted, His face soiled with sweat and blood, offered Him her veil.  Jesus took the veil, wiped His face, and left imprinted on the cloth the image of His Divine Countenance.

Prayer: O Jesus, may the remembrance of Your suffering move me to hatred for my sins; may it stir up in me a more fervent love for You. Let the image of Your Countenance be impressed upon my mind, until I am made over in Your likeness.

Station VIIStations of the Cross - Vll

Jesus Falls for the Second Time
Meditation: Recall how Jesus struggle to go on increased His pain and cost Him a constantly greater loss of blood, until His strength failed a second time, and He fell upon the ground again.

Prayer: O Jesus, lying prostrate again under the burden of my sins, how often have I offended You in the past? Let me for the future rather die than ever offend You again.

Station VIIIStations of the Cross - Vlll

Jesus Speaks to the Women of Jerusalem
Meditation: Recall how some holy women of Jerusalem, upon seeing Jesus stumbling along and bathed in His own blood, wept with compassion. To them Jesus said: Do not weep for Me; weep for your children.

Prayer: O Lord Jesus, I grieve for Your sufferings, too, and for my sins which caused You to suffer. Let me mourn that I may be comforted. Let me escape the awful judgment that awaits those who reject or neglect You in this earthly life.

Station IXStations of the Cross -  lX

Jesus Falls for the Third Time
Meditation: Jesus, arriving exhausted at the foot of Calvary, falls for the third time. His weakness was extreme and the cruelty of His executioners was excessive; they tried to hasten His steps when He hardly had strength to move.

Prayer: O Lord Jesus, I pray You, by the merits of this third painful fall, to forgive my frequent falls into sin and my slowness to rise and return again to You. Let the remembrance of Your sufferings make me hate my sins more and more.

Station XStations of the Cross -  X

Jesus is Stripped of His Garments
Meditation: Recall now how Jesus arrived at the place of His Crucifixion. The soldiers tore His clothes from His bleeding Body, leaving Him exposed to the cold, rude stare of the scoffing crowd.

Prayer: Innocent Jesus, by Your torment in being stripped of Your clothing, help me to put off every inordinate attachment to the things of earth, so that I may give all my love to You, who are worthy of all my love.

Station XIStations of the Cross -  Xl

Jesus is Nailed to the Cross
Meditation: Recall how Jesus lies down upon His Cross, and how He extends His arms to offer up the sacrifice of His Life for our salvation. The soldiers nail Him, hands and feet, to His gibbet.  And then they raise it, leaving Him to die upon it in terrible anguish.

Prayer: My crucified Jesus, bind my heart to Your Cross, and let it remain there always, never again to forsake You.

Station XIIStations of the Cross -  Xll

Jesus Dies on the Cross
Meditation: Recall how Jesus agonized for three hours, dying upon the Cross.  Then, overcome at last, His Body sagged limply; His head fell forward upon His chest; and He handed over His Spirit.

Prayer: O Jesus, I devoutly honor that Holy Cross upon which You loved me even unto death.  In Your death is all my hope. From this time forward, let me live only for You; when I come to die, let me die loving You alone.

Station XIIIStations of the Cross -  Xlll

Jesus is Taken Down From the Cross
Meditation: Recall how two of His disciples, Joseph and Nicodemus, took Jesus Body down from His Cross, and how they laid Him in the arms of His stricken Mother. She received Him with tenderness, pressing Him close to her afflicted heart.

Prayer:  Mother of Sorrows, for the love of your Son, take me for your servant, and pray to Him on my behalf.  And You, dear Jesus, who died for me, let me love You; let me desire You and You alone.

Station XIVStations of the Cross -  XIV

Jesus is Laid in the Sepulcher
Meditation:  The Body of her dearly beloved Son is taken from His Mother and laid in the tomb. The tomb is closed, and the lifeless Body remains until hour of its glorious Resurrection.

Prayer: O Jesus, lying buried in the tomb, I reverently kiss the stone that encloses You. But on the third day, You rose in glory. By the Resurrection, call me too to rise in glory on the last day, to be forever united with You.

Colossians 3:1-4

If then you were risen with Christ, seek what is above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God.  Think of what is above, not of what is on earth.  For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ your life appears, then you too will appear with Him in glory.




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